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Hazoor Swami Ji Maharaj


Swami ji was the first satguru to start the teachings of Radha Swami faith. His actual name was Seth Shivdayal Singh ji. His parents were the followers of Param Sant Tulsi Sahib from Hathras, India. He was born with Param Sant Tulsi Sahib’s blessings on August 25, 1818 in Panni street, Agra U.P. India. Sant Tulsi Sahib ji initiated him at the age of six.
He practiced ‘Surat Shabd Yoga’ for 15 years and started satsang publically on Vasant Panchami (a spring festival) in 1861. This schedule continued for 17 years.

Swami ji named his philosophy as ‘Satnaam Anaami’. His deciple Saligram ji said, “Radha Swami name is good”. There after this philosophy was called ‘Radha Swami'(Radha means “Soul”and Swami means “Master/Creator”)
Swami ji has described the secret of divine and true ‘Naam’. He wrote a book in two parts named ‘Saar Vachan Chhand Band’ and ‘Saar Vachan Vartik’.

During his life time Swami ji never accepted any gift for his personal use, rather spent his personal wealth for the best end.
For 59 years and 10 months he liberated more than four thousand devotees through initiation. Among his devotees were males and females from different religions and castes.
He left his mortal body on June 5, 1878 in Panni street Agra U.P India.

Hazoor Baba Jaimal Singh ji Maharaj

(Swami ji’s successor)

Baba Jaimal Singh ji was born in village Lath Ghuman near Batala, Distt. Gurdaspur, Punjab, India, in July, 1839. His father was Sardar Jodh Singh ji and mother was Sardarni Daya Kaur ji. She was a devotee of Bhakt Naamdev ji, and Baba ji started visiting him at the age of four.
At the age of five he started his education with Baba Khem Singh ji, a Vedanti sage. Within two years he became a good reader of Guru Granth Sahib as well as Dasam Granth also.
At the age of 12-13 years he again started studying Guru Granth Sahib at home and came to the realization that this holy book rejects Praanayaam, Vairagya, Hathyog, Jap-tap, places of pilgrimage, fasting and rituals. He reached the conclusion that a perfect Master, a Satguru who practices ‘Anhad Shabad’ is needed to realize God. He started his search for a Perfect Master as per the description in Guru Granth Sahib. In Swami ji of Agra, he found the Perfect Master, and was initiated by him in 1856.
Swami ji ordered Baba Jaimal Singh ji to start initiating devotees in Punjab, in Oct 1877. Swami ji advised him not to interfere with the religious choice of a devotee. Then Swami ji took off his own turban and handed it over to Baba ji and permitted him to depart. This was their last meeting.
During his service in the Army, Baba Jaimal Singh ji met Baba Bagga Singh ji (the first Satguru of Dera Tarn Taran ) in Multan (now in Pakistan).

Baba Jaimal Singh ji retired from the Army on June 7, 1889 and started living in his village, and later built a hut in village Bal Saran at the bank of river Beas, Punjab, India, and started living there. Slowly number of devotees increased and one of his devotees donated three beeghas of land for Dera.
Baba Jaimal Singh ji left his mortal body on Dec 29, 1903.

Hazoor Baba Bagga Singh ji Maharaj

(The first Master of the Dera Baba Bagga Singh, Tarn Taran)

baba bagga singh

Baba Bagga Singh ji was born in village Chuslevar, Tehsil Patti, Distt. Amritsar, Punjab, India. At the age of 16 he learnt to recite ‘Panj Granthi’, ‘Bhagaton ki Bani’ and ‘Guru Granth Sahib’, the Sikh holy books, from sage Gian Singh. While exchanging views with the sage he said, “To realize God a spiritual Guru is must. If any one thinks of crossing the big ocean of this mortal world without a sailor, the Guru, it is a mistake”. He always honoured his teacher sage Gian Singh.

He spent most of his time in meditation and sometimes helped his father and brothers in their work. At the age of 18 on March 20, 1882 he joined the Indian Army. He was posted to Multan, Pakistan where he came in contact with Baba Jaimal Singh ji. He was initiated on August 1,1883. As a daily routine he listened to Baba Jaimal Singh ji’s satsang, and meditated.

On August10, 1889 Baba Jaimal Singh ji retired from the Army and asked Baba Bagga Singh ji to retire from the Army Service when due, and get transfered to the Army Reserve Force.

In July, 1890 Baba Jaimal Singh ji initiated Baba Bagga Singh ji’s brothers and their families. He ordered Baba Bagga Singh ji to start initiation on Dec 5, 1894.

Baba Bagga Singh ji continued visiting his Satguru in Beas. In 1897 Baba Jaimal Singh ji introduced him to Baba Sawan Singh ji the second Satguru of dera Beas.

In Feb 1900 Baba Bagga Singh ji bought a piece of land and established Dera Baba Bagga Singh, Tarn Taran which was inaugurated by Baba Jaimal Singh ji by delivering the first satsang at the Dera Tarn Taran. There after, satsang and initiation of devotees has continued at the dera till date. In 1916 Baba Deva Singh ji came to seek Baba Bagga Singh ji and lived in the Dera for the rest of his life.

After Baba Jaimal Singh ji left his mortal body Baba Bagga Singh ji became more deeply devoted to and absorbed in meditation. He visited Dera Beas when satguru Baba Sawan Singh ji invited him in 1926.

Baba Bagga Singh ji, with the blessings of Baba Jaimal Singh ji, handed over the charge of his duties to Baba Deva Singh ji and left this mortal world on July 6, 1944.

Hazoor Baba Deva Singh ji Maharaj

(The second Master of the Dera Baba Bagga Singh, Tarn Taran)

Baba Deva Singh ji

Baba deva Singh ji was born on Sep 25, 1885 in village Tut Dhahe Wala in Distt. Lahore of undivided India, which is now in Distt. Amritsar,Punjab, India.

To pursue his interest in spirituality and God realization, he left his home in search of a guru who could help him to attain his objective. He visited several sages and at last met with Nirmala sage who guided him to Baba Bagga Singh ji, the Perfect Master he was searching for. He devoted his whole life to the Master and the Dera. He was initiated on Asharh 16, 1956, Vikrami Samvat at the age of 14 and became a verses reader (Pathi) to his Satguru.

As per the instructions of his Satguru (Baba Jaimal Singh ji) Baba Bagga Singh ji never ignored Baba Deva Singh ji in his whole life.Baba Jaimal Singh ji often used to say that there is a loving relation between Baba Bagga Singh ji and Baba Deva Singh ji,as that of “Cow” and “Calf”.Baba Jaimal singh ji also ordered that after Baba Bagga singh ji,Baba Deva singh ji will perform the same duties as that of Baba Bagga Singh ji.Thus the order to perform Sewa was given by Baba Jaimal Singh Ji himself.As per the orders of Baba Jaimal Singh ji,Baba Bagga Singh ji blessed a Bed to Baba Deva Singh ji,nine years prior to leaving this mortal world.After Baba Bagga Singh ji left this mortal world,Baba Deva Singh ji was appointed the next Satguru,as per the orders of Baba Jaimal Singh ji.The Incarnation ceremony of Baba Deva singh ji was performed by Baba Sawan Singh ji himself. At the time of this ceremony Baba Sawan Singh ji announced, “The person who will differentiate between Beas and Tarn Taran will straight away go to hell.”
Baba Deva Singh ji was blessed with unlimited love and benevolence from his Master Baba Bagga Singh ji, Baba Jaimal Singh ji and Baba Garib Das ji (another saint). He served the Dera for 15 years and initiated many devotees.

Hazoor Swami Gurbachan Lal Ji Maharaj

Hazoor Swami Gurbachan Lal ji was born at on . He joined Government service in punjab police and served police department for a long period of time.During His tenure,He met Baba Deva Singh Ji and found Him as His true Master,and served Him as a true devotee disciple. Baba Deva singh ji showered his choicest blessings upon him by way of disclosing secrets of spiritualism. He meditated and served his mentor with undaunted devotion. He was ordained by his mentor (Sat Guru), Baba Deva Singh Ji, to take up the duty of delivering religious discourses from Holy Granths of all the religions. Baba Deva Singh was so much pleased with Swami Gurbachan Lal Ji that on 8th Feb 1952 in the satsang at Taran Taran, blessed Him with 16-17 “Bachans” asking him (Swami Gurbachan Lal Ji) to convey the “Sant Hoka”. Thereafter, Swami Gurbachan Lal Ji founded Dera Baba Deva Singh ji Maharaj , at Dhianpur on his personal landed property.

Thus, it was the beginning of the existence of His Almighty Supreme Spiritual Power from Dhianpur.Swami Gurbachan Lal Ji used to say that one such Guru can create millions of sangat, but millions of sangat cannot create one such Guru.
From youth he undertook a spiritual seeking which lead him to recognize the luminous form that he had seen in his own master Baba Deva Singh Ji Maharaj. He was initiated into the spiritual discipline by Hazoor Baba Deva Singh ji Maharaj from then on He dedicated the rest of his life to reaching summits of spirituality. Swami Guru Bachan Lal ji lived a very simple life and taught his followers to lead such with peace and love. His Basic teaching consist in establishing contact with God into expression power, cold word in the Bible,naam,shabad,om,kalma etc in the other scriptures.

Hazoor Swami Gurbachan Lal Ji always gave light to followers through His Satsung “God is not a silent spectator,watching the world impassively;He is fully conscious of the tormented situation in which the souls (which are really his own self) are suffering.

However, God does not directly intervene in universe but makes use of agencies. If there is to be rain,it does not fall from a clear sky.First the clouds gather,then the rains come out from them. If a child is to be born,the mother and father are provided. In the same way,everthing in this world works through the function of some agency above and all the higher powers operate in this way,even God. God is one,but has deputed control over vast regions of the Universe (Both physical and spiritual) to agencies which handle the managements.

Thus if God is to intract with mankind,He has to come in the form of a man. There is no other way means available for Him to interact directly with us, as the functionaries are controlling the entire region we inhibit.

Life in this world is suffering; However, suffering is totally foreign to our natures and life is something we are meant only to live and enjoy. That enjoyment is not here,however ,but with God:anyone who thinks this life can be made into something enjoyable is deluded. Mankind grasps at the momentry pleasures only because he knows of nothing better. All the enjoyments of this world are traps, which seem sweet on the outset but turn out to be tragic. Regarding renunciation, it is not possible practically to live without action or live without desire. However, action can be transcended by devoting one self entirely to be being how has himself become one and living by His instructions. Through the love of God in the form of person who has become one with Him, we two can be one with Him. This person is the Guru. The Guru is way out of suffering; He is like a lifeline leading to safety.

“When we meditate on that light of God and that music,we will find excess to God himself”. The music we hear in this outer world is the outer expression of that inner music.
After enlightning in full swing,Hazoor Swami Gurbachan Lal Ji left His mortal body on 19 December 1981.

Hazoor Swami Baldev Raj Ji Maharaj

Swami Baldev Raj Ji was born on 2nd April 1948 at Shri Dhianpur Sahib (Distt.Gurdaspur).He was the son of the “Great Master Swami Gurbachan Lal Ji”. He did the sewa of “Naamdaan and Satsang” with full vigour for 17years.He took forward spiritual legacy of “Sant Mat”and carried forward the lineage establish by”Hazoor Swami Ji Maharaj”. With Guru Maharaj Ji’s blessings,sangat not only received spiritual fulfillment but also the unlimited worldly blessings.Guru Maharaj Ji always used to say that sangat should ask for spiritual blessings from satguru and worldly things will automaticaaly be offered.

While being the  Param Parmeshwar by himself,GuruMaharaj Ji never mentioned that he owed any spiritual power and rather gave full credit to his Master (Swami Gurbachan Lal Ji ).He used to praise his Master all the time and used to say that it is his Master who is doing everything for the Sangat.He emphasized a lot on the “Hukum” (Advice/Instruction) given to anyone in the Sangat, and used to say that it is the “Hukum” which protect the follower of this path as long as oneself remains in the boundary of “Hukum” given by the Satguru. Nobody can do any harm to the Sangat (Be it Spiritual or Worldly Challenges). Guru Maharaj Ji used to preach Satsang on every sunday of week and also on Sangrand of every month.He also used to visit many places in different cities with a lot of vigour and enthusiasm ,where he used to shower blessings both in form of Satsang and Darshan.

“Guru Maharaj Baldev Raj Ji ” used to be a big beleiver of the  “Sewa of Satguru” and emphasized that one should perform sewa with pure mind and Sewa done by the Satsangi’s will clear their “Karma”. He used to say that a True Saint  can change the destiny of his loving souls which was exemplified and felt by a number of deserving souls in the sangat. Such was the power of his bachans that sangat still continue to feel the charishma of his  divine blessings.

“Guru Maharaj Baldev Raj Ji ” always emphasized in the satsangs that it is not the body of the Satguru but,the ultimate power which protect the follower of this path, even if the Satguru leaves the worldly body,a true Satsangi should never get apprehensive because the power stays there and has been felt and testified by many Satsangis after Guru Maharaj Ji left the mortal body back in September 2001.

Hazoor Guru Mata Indra Rani Ji

After the demise of Guru Maharaj Baldev Raj Ji, the dera is now taken care by “Guru Mata Indra Rani Ji”. As the history repeats “Hazoor Swami Gurbachan Lal Ji once said that, “INDRA RANI KOI CHOTTI TAKAT NAHI HAI, GURU DI NOO(BAHU) VI HAI,GURU DI WIFE VI HAI,GURU VI HAI TEH GURU DI MAA VI HAI”. So it came forward as follows:

  • Daughter in law of Swami Gurbachan Lal Ji
  • Wife of Swami Baldev Raj Ji
  • Guru Mataji herself
  • Mother of Guru Maharaj Vikramjit Singh Ji

We are few of lucky ones who can see the history being made with our own eyes.


Mata Indra Rani Ji was born on 15th Dec. at Amritsar (Punjab). She always used to accompany Swami Baldev Raj Ji for Satsang or any other Religious Activity.

Hazoor Swami Vikramjit Singh Ji Maharaj

Swami Vikramjit Singh Ji was born on 9th Feb at Amritsar(Punjab). His father was “Swami Baldev Raj Ji” and mother is “Shri Guru Mata Indra Rani Ji”.

On “Shri Guru Mata Indra Rani Ji” performed the “Dastar Bandi” of “Swami Vikramjit Singh Ji” and ordained him to show the path of spirituality to the devotees,hence with her divine blessings Swami Vikramjit Singh Ji has started the sewa of “Naamdaan and Satsang”. “Swami Vikramjit Singh Ji is helping many perplexed souls to unite with the Supreme Being. He is a Spiritual Teacher in his own and through his teachings he is making many dispressed humans to lead a life full of purity and moral lifestyle,which is the first and foremost step in achieving the meditation practice of “Surat Shabad Yoga”.

“Swami Vikramjit Singh Ji” always emphasize on the beleif that there is a Spiritual purpose to human life to experience the divinity of the “Supreme Being” who resides in all of us.He explains the purpose of life and also guides and instructs in a method of spirituality.

“Swami Vikramjit Singh Ji” says that the world is perishable,nothing is stable here.Everything in this world is changing continuosly.We cannot find permanent peace in this perishable world.The thing that does not perish and is stable since the centuries is “Naam”, Guru Maharaj Ji also made it clear that to realize God,we need not live a life of isolation away from our home,family or the society.God is within all of us.
Human life is an oppurtunity to unite with God,as only human beings are able to understand the teachings of saints and follow tha path shown by the true living master.

As all the things in this world are perishable,nothing will accompany the soul after death,only a perfect master accompany us to save us from the sufferings after death. Therefore to find happiness in this world and the next world,we must adopt a perfect living Master and follow his teachings.
Satsang is performed on every Sunday and also on Sangrand of every month.